Delicious Veg. / Non veg food
ALL Dishes are as per Available

Pack 1

Tea or Coffee and One Tray Breackfast


Type of Tea : Special Tea / Milk Tea / Lemon Tea / Black Tea


Type of Coffee : Ness Coffee / Filter Coffee / Strong Coffee / cold coffee

Onion Pohe

Delicious Onion Pohe


Made of Rava

Sweet Upit ( Shira)

Made of Rava

Omlet Bread

Type of Omlet : Single Omlet / Double Omlet / Half Boil / Boil egg / Spice Omlet / Egg Sandwich

Amboli Chattani

Simulacrum Utappa, Made of Rice
Authentic Malvani Dish

Bread Butter

Type of Tost : Bread Butter / Bread Jam

Misal Pav

Type of Misal : Spice Misal


Made of 5 ITEMS

Ghavan Chattani

Simulacrum Nir-Dost
Authentic Malvani Dish

Roasted Papad

Type of Papad : Masala Papad / Garlic Papad / Frired Papad /

Onion Pakoda

Made of Onion and flower

Potato Pakoda

Made of Potato and flower

Mug Salad

including Tomato and onion

Tost Bread

type of tost : Bread Butter / Bread Jam / Bread Omlet Sandwich


Type of Eggs : Boil Eggs / Masala Boil Eggs

Abhiruhci Special Meal

Authentic Malvani food
Delicious Veg / Non veg see food

Abhiruchi Spacial Veg Thali

(One Solcurry Glass) 1 Dry Vegitable,1 Usal,2 Chapattis,1 Sweet, Pickal,Papad,Dal-Rice,Salad

Veg Thali

1 Dry Vegitable,1 Usal,2 Chapattis,Pickal,Papad,Dal-Rice

Fish Thali

Fish Gravy,2 Chapattis,Fish Curry,Rice,Solcurry,Salad

Surmai Thali

1 fried Fish,Fish Gravy,2 Chapattis,Fish Curry,Rice,Solcurry,Salad

Pomfret Thali

1 fried Fish,Fish Gravy,2 Chapattis,Fish Curry,Rice,Solcurry,Salad

Egg Thali

Egg Masal,Egg Curry,2 Chapattis,Rice,Solcurry,Salad

Prowns Fried

Authentic Malvani

Pomfret Fried

Authentic Malvan

Mackerel Fried

Authentic Malvan

Mackerel Thali

1 fried Fish,Fish Gravy,2 Chapattis,Fish Curry,Rice,Solcurry,Salad

Vada Saguti

Chicken Gravy,Chicken Rasa,5 Vada,Solcurry,Rice,salad

Chicken Thali

Chicken Gravy,Chicken Rasa,2 Chapattis,Solcurry,Rice,salad